East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 

It has been ages since I dined at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant. It was probably more than 10 years or more ago when their restaurant was still in Shaw Centre. 

Last Saturday, the weekend left for me to shop before popping and before confinement starts, I went shopping with my brother. We walked past East Ocean and decided to try our luck to see if we can get a table since we were both craving for dim sum. Lucky we were, there were seats available. 

We ordered quite some food for the two of us. Century Egg with lean meat porridge, Carrot Cake, Steam Rice Roll with BBQ Pork, deep fried Beancurd skin with prawns, Siew mai, steamed royal cake and two cutesy buns, Mr Penguin and Panda.

The food came pretty quickly despite the restaurant being full and it is piping hot. Hungry as a cow, we forgot to snap a picture of the delicious century egg porridge. It was silky smooth and the lean meat reminded us of the good old days when grandma will salt them for ages and use them to cook the porridge. 

 The carrot cake was soft, fluffy with a little crunch from the radish and the waxed meat. White and simple looking but bursting with flavors with every bite.

Steamed rice rolls were thin and perfectly rolled with lots of BBQ pork in it. The texture of the rolls were lightly springy yet not too heavy. BBQ pork were fragrant with a little charred taste. The light soy sauce perfectly bind the taste of the rolls together. Mmmm….

Steam cake arrived in the wooden holder and when the lid was lifted, a strong sweet aroma filled the table. It was the smell of the brown sugar. Bro said it tasted like huat kueh. But to me it tasted more like the 白糖糕in the brown sugar version.

Siew Mai was unlike any other Siew mai that you will find in other restaurants. This was filled with succulent prawns and topped with roe and pea. Sweet tasting freshness from the prawns and it doesn’t make you feel sick even if you have two or more pieces.

The not too oily yet crispy and springy deep fried Beancurd skin with shrimps were awesome. Dip them into the vinegar dressing and it makes you want them even more.

Last but not least the two cutesy buns, Mr Penguin and Panda arrived.

Panda shaped buns was filled with peanut and sesame. Super yummy if you are a big fan of the two ingredients. 

Mr Penguin was filled with lotus paste with salted egg yolk and pan fried. As we were peeling the bun apart, the lotus paste started flowing out. Nice creamy texture and it is not overly sweet. Very good!

Going back for more of these traditional flavors? Definitely!