Kanshoku Ramen Bar

First spotted this Ramen Bar at Orchard Central but never has the time to try it. Then I saw another branch at Ion recently and the hubby was craving for Ramen so we went for it.

Founded in 2014 by close friends Melvin and Brendon, Kanshoku has since come a long way to create an experience that fulfills this ambitious intention.

It was lunch time on a Friday and to our surprise there was no crowd. But at about 1pm, the restaurant started filling up.

The waitress highly recommended the truffle selection of ramen in broth or dry. But we were preferred something simpler and so we ordered the crispy gyoza,  Signature Kanshoku Ramen and Flaming Hot Tonkotsu Ramen.

The pipping hot ramen was served in about 10 – 15 mins and the crispy gyoza came after the ramen.

The broth of the Signature Kanshoku Ramen is light and creamy. If you are used to the Sapporo styled ramen, this broth might be a little light. Noodles were springy, char siew was not too fat and lightly flavored. Braised egg is an add on item and it was cooked just right with a soft flow center.

Flaming Tonkotsu Ramen was not flaming at all. The spicy level is just mediocre. It seems to share the same broth as the Signature Kanshoku Ramen with chili paste added to it. 

Crispy Gyoza have crispy thin skins with generous filling of pork. When you bite into it, the juicy broth from within fills your mouth with great aroma. 

Kanshoku Ramen Bar is a place to go if you are seeking for comfort food on a normal day. Nothing fancy just plain comforting food.


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