Ginza Kuroson

Woke up pretty early last Saturday as I had to head down to ICA to collect my passport. Headed down to Orchard to have a walk after collection. After walking around a little, hunger starts creeping in and I decided to take a look at the mall directory of Ngee Ann City while waiting for my other half to arrive. It boils down to Patties & Wiches or Ginza Kuroson as I have not tired either. So the hubby chose Ginza Kuroson and we never regretted spotting this gem randomly.

Ginza Kuroson has pretty nice and cosy decorations. The menu had an exhaustive selection of fish and beef. Ginza Kuroson has been supplying fresh fishes procured at fishing ports throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa; in Tokyo. If not for the fact that I am pregnant, I would have gone for the sashimi set!


As it was lunch and we didn’t want to take too much, so we ordered the Australian Ribeye set and the Somen Assorted Tempura. Every bit of the food tasted fabulous. From the salad to chawamushi to the meat and noodles. Even the small little cup of dessert tasted yummy!


Appetizers for the lunch set


Australian Ribeye Lunch Set


Ribeye was cooked to perfection – every piece was juicy and tender with a light pink center.


Somen with Assorted Tempura (Cold) – Somen was silky and springy


Assorted tempura – Prawn, fish, chili, eggplant, etc. Crispy and not oily

Price of the food is reasonable for the quality you are getting. The only downside for us was the service. I was there at about 2pm and got seat at about 2.15pm and the restaurant manager wanted to take my order before I even sat down. So I just placed an order for the Australian Ribeye as it was limited to 15 portions a day. The moment I sat down and before my husband arrive, the waitress started bringing up the food. I told her I did not ask for the food to be served yet as I was waiting for my husband. Then the manager came and said but the beef is already on the hotplate. It is ridiculous that they started serving and cooking even before the guests have a seat or arrived.

If the service was a tip top better and more attentive, it will have been perfect. But otherwise, I will still return after birthing to give the sashimi a go.


Ginza Kuroson
290 Orchard Rd Takashimaya Shopping Centre #03-10 Singapore 238859
Tel: 6235-3785
Opening Hours: Lunch 11am – 3:30pm (LO:3pm) / Dinner: 6pm – 11pm (LO:10pm)


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