Zi Zai Vegeterian

Zi Zai 自在齋 Vegeterian is a vegeterian eatery serving up zi char (a Chinese food stall with the capability to whip up a huge variety of a la carte dishes on demand) dishes with all vegeterian ingredients. Which means you will be expecting to see lots of vegetables and mock meat (which are usually made from gluten). Zi Zai Vegeterian apparently has a couple of outlets with one in Yishun, another in Jurong and they might be having another one at Beauty World soon.

To be very honest, I am not a big fan of vegeterian food. I will rather have a salad made with real food then to eat mock meat made from gluten. But Mom is having vegeterian every 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar and that means when we go for dinner with her those days, it has to be vegeterian.


Yesterday was my second visit to Zi Zai in Yishun. Was there once for lunch and yesterday was for dinner. This small eatery doesn’t fail to amaze me. It is always packed no matter lunch or dinner. As yesterday was the 15th day of the lunar calendar, the eatery was even busier than normal. We ordered some food and was told the waiting time is around 20 mins. Perhaps we were lucky and the food was served about 10 minutes later.


The fresh looking green leafy kang kong (morning glory) arrived first. Fried with sambal chili and thin slices of mock cuttlefish. The mock cuttlefish add a little “bouncy” texture to the dish.

Cereal Prawns. Of course not real shrimps, were made amazing, not only does it taste like real shrimps, the texture of the meat was simulating that of the real deal.

Yam Ring – was nothing too fancy. The yam is smashed and made into a ring shape. Nicely fried til crispy golden and topped with cashew nuts, bell peppers and “mock meat”.

Sweet and sour “pork” tasted quite like the zi char stalls. However, the “meat” used is not giving the right texture.

Roti prata was the star of the dishes. It is not as oily as the normal prata you will expect from the Prata stores. But still it is fluffy and crispy. The curry however did lack a bit of taste.

Overall the food and flavors were considered quite tasty despite most of the general ingredients used in the cooking has not much of its own taste. The eatery is clean and the service is good. For vegeterian diners, this can be a fairly nice place to dine at. For those who wishes to have a go at vegeterian dishes can well make a visit too.

For more information on the outlets address, opening hours and menu, you can visit Zi Zai Vegeterian.


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